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The Spires is a community building based on the Arbourthorne council estate to the south-east of Sheffield city centre. The building itself is very distinctive, formed by 13 hexagonal pods each rising to an individual apex. A local Christian charity known as the Miracle Trust are using the building to provide a much needed community support network. The hope is to extend the reach of the organisation and its valuable resource to a greater number of people by improving the public face of the building and providing a clearer connection to the community.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tree Planting

With help from Ed Thatcher, the community forester we have successfully planted 10 new trees on site, Silver Birch, Pyrus calleryana Chantitcleer, Tamarix aestivalis, Liquidambar styraciflua Acalycina and Tilia platyphyllos Rubra. Now I'm not a tree expert but they all look pretty good (except the two that just look like sticks, but I'm sure they'll grow)

Holes need digging, trees go in them, stakes need driving in, and the trees then strapped up

Andrew does his best to help Dan with the tree placement.

The tree for the central courtyard island is readied which will all look grand.

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